Sözler Publication

Established in 1975
Contact Person: Abdulkerim Baybara (Arabic, English)  
www.sozler.com.tr /  www.sozleregypt.com

The Sözler Publishing House established in 1975, in Istanbul , Turkey. The Sözler Publishing House publishes and distributes Great Islamic Scholarship Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s 6000-page qur’anic , scientific and religious explanatory commentary: Risale-i Nur Collection. A Second Branch of The Sözler Publishing House was established on the date of 24.03.2010 in Egypt and distributes to the middle east and the far east at the present time. In every year the Sözler Publishing House participates in book fairs in nearly 60 countries. 100 of doctoral and thesis studies has made on this books.