Turkey is the Guest of Honor in Seoul International Book Fair in 2017

As the guest of honor, Turkey will present various cultural events, lectures and seminars for publishing experts in Korea in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Korea and Turkey’s diplomatic relation. 

Turkey aims to take a closer approach to Korean readers through events presenting their writers including Mario Levi’s public reading of Istanbul Was a Fairy Tale and an interview with Melike Gunyuz, a children’s writer, and also through art performances including “Karagöz,” the traditional shadow play, and “Ebru,” the traditional marbling art. Moreover, the Roundtable for Korea-Turkey Publication Cooperation with publishing experts of literature, children’s literature and cartoon in Korea and Turkey is held to lay the groundwork for cooperation between the two countries in the domains of publication rights and cultural exchange through the 2017 Seoul International Book Fair.

For more information and the programme, please click in here.

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