Metamorphosis Publishing Media Advertising Organization Printing Limited Company

Established in 2010
Sub-brands: Okur Kitaplığı, Okur Akademi
Contact Person: Ünsal Ünlü (English)

As people, who think that thinking and producing are the basis of everything, we see the publications, which consist of literary esthetic, as the most important factor of thinking and producing together. Okur Kitaplığı, the goal of which can be summarised as to get high quality books building a more profound human understanding met by the right people who need them indeed, is a four years old publisher and seeks to be a contributor of establishing a social structure that will enhance reading as a distinguished action of man. Okur Akademi is the new horizon for a higher grade academic publishing. We edit and publish not only PH D. dissertations and theses but text books and auxiliary books as well.