Kaknus Publishing House

Established in 1996
Contact Person: Seda Darcan Çiftçi

Kaknus Publishing House has started publishing literary magazines and books under various imprints in 1989. At the end of 1996 the name of Kaknüs literary magazine is adopted as the imprint of Kaknus Publishing House and the first ten books were chosen to be published. So far over 800 titles have been published in 25 catagories like psychology, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, history, biography, novel&story, historical novel, Turkish classics, Eastern classics, Khalil Jibran books, Tolstoy books, memoirs, poetry. In 2006 we have been awarded as the Best Publisher of the Year by the Association of Turkish Writers. In 2006 under the imprint Kaknus Children, children books have been introduced. Kaknus Books have been translated into 25 different languages.