Iz Publishing

Established in 1991
Contact Person: Hamdi Akyol

Iz Publishing has contributed to the Turkish intellectual life with more than 900 titles concerning literature, theology, philosophy, art and science. On the one hand it has brought the classical Islamic heritage to the daylight and on the other hand it has focused its energy on the modern literature. Among the remarkable authors who have a part in its publications, there are many Muslim intellectuals and sufis like Ibn al-Arabi, Mevlana and Konevi; contemporary scholars, thinkers and litterateurs, like Hayreddin Karaman, Rasim Özdenören and Sedat Umran from Turkey; and famous intellectuals from the West for instance Illich, Capra, Guenon and Nasr. Iz Publishing which has never made a concession from the “sovereignty of quality” principle throughout its publishing activity, aims at putting its signature on the new successes with the same policy.