Insan Publications

Established in 1984
Contact Person: Ismail Hakkı AKINCI (English)

Insan Publications was established in 1984. It has gained a deserved reputation as a publishing house of quality, particularly among those readers who are interested in Islam. With its almost 500 publications concerned with Islamic Culture and Civilization and popular Islamic research, consisting of 25 separate series, translations and editions published in Turkey, Insan Publications has obtained a special place of its own in the field of publications. Insan Publications, are not only available to the world of the Turkish reader, now through the publication of books in English, Insan Publication is addressing the entire world. As well as offering English translations of Ottoman classics that have not yet been translated, there are also scholarly and academic works prepared by Turkish scholars that make a great contribution to universal culture. We have brought together in print the wisdom of the past with the dream of the future.