April Publishing House

Established in 2006
Contact Person: Nazlı Berivan Ak – Editor (English)


April Publishing House has been founded in 2006 and has 170 books in total. April takes every book as a project, and our motto in marketing is not being reactive but proactive. We believed that this is the spirit which makes April Publishing House by far the bestselling Publisher per book, per title. Thus, we have the #1 best-seller rate in proportion to books that were published. We are also known with our firsts. Our bestselling author, Adam Fawer’ first book Improbable, which was not a well-known book in USA, but set sale records in Turkey. His second book, The Empathy, was first translated in Turkish and published in Turkey before it was published in its written language. Our project, Milat, by Ihsan Kaplan, has been published at 2009 and we had made the first book trailer of Turkey. Also, we have a book series called as Glorious Mistakes, which is choose-yourown-adventure book series for adults, also became a phenomenon for Turkish publishing industry. Besides, we have made a revolution in book covers. After us, perception of book cover had changed completely, even publishing houses were established as a copy of us. We have combined books with videos, and our books take offers for movie adaptations. We have published books of Murat Menteş, Alper Canıgüz, Özgür Mumcu, Murat Uyurkulak who are among the most important writers of Turkey and the world -in here we would like to inform you about Murat Menteş, whose book Ruhi Mucerret sold one hundred thousand in two months, and Alper Canıguz, who took place in best-selling lists before Nobel Award Winning Mo Yan in Germany and Özgür Mumcu, whose first novel’s rights have been sold to six languages in two months.