The project of Turkish Literature Abroad (YATEDAM in Turkish) is aimed to fill an important gap in publishing market of Turkey. The project is supported by Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA), in partnership with The Press and Publication of Turkey (BASYAYBIR), Kalem Culture Association, Independent Industrialists’ and Business Association (MUSIAD) and Turkey Association of Profession of Press and Publication (TBYM).

The main aim of TURLA is to promote the Turkish publishers and authors abroad as well as support them to create and grow their international publishing network. With this aim of mind, the first step will be to establish TURLA as a permanent consultancy center like other successful publishing consultancy centers (NORLA, BIEFF, LTI Korea, Institut Ramon Llull) from all around the world.

TURLA’s activities are:

  • To prepare a collective catalogue with local publishers who will participate in book fairs. Also TURLA will provide guidance to publishers to prepare their own international catalogues. 
  • The publishers will be encouraged to involve the process as well as TURLA offers advice, guidance and trainings to publishers about international markets.
  • As a part of this project, TURLA will participate in London, Bologna, Abu Dhabi, Seoul then Frankfurt Book Fairs and will have meetings with international markets’ representatives to promote Turkish literature and publishing.
  • TURLA will also participate in TÜYAP Book Fair in Turkey to continue to build the network between local and international publishers.
  • To organize meetings with our local publishers before and after each book fair. In pre-meetings, there will be workshops and presentations to give information about the said book fair. Post book fair meetings will focus on the evaluations of participants. TURLA will benefit from their positive and negative feedbacks for following book fairs and other projects.
  • TURLA is a non-profit initiative that is considered as a first step to the establishment of a publishing and rights consultancy center of Turkey.

Through these events and activities TURLA will set a new stage to contribute the recognition of Turkish Literature on an international level as well as TURLA aims to build a network between local and international publishers, publishing companies and market representatives.


Contact Us


           Beste Bal / rights1@yatedam.org

Gamze Erentürk / rights2@yatedam.org


Turkish Literature Abroad (YATEDAM) Project is being supported by TC Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) within the scope of Innovative and Creative Istanbul Financial Support Program 2016.
Project no: TR10/16/YNY/0133